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1 week after receiving a Rolex Oyster Day Date RX 394 watch from the Swiss Replica store I tried to adjust the day and date.

The whole crown and shaft came out of the watch which renders it useless. I contacted the company who initially offered a replacement ,but as I did not want to have the same problem again, I selected more expensive option and offered to pay difference.

I have not heard another word from the company despite sending numerous e-mails.

It is now 2 months later and I sit with brand new useless watch -so beware

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I purchased a swiss presidential watch on the 9th of july, it was delivered after 2 weeks - a bit slow but at least it got to me.

Good quality and keeps very accurate time.

I'm a happy camper!


Who are you trying to impress with a fake Rolex? You must be a real loser.


Dude - I've got some swamp land to sell. You buy something from a REPLICA (i.e.

fake, not real, not original, etc) STORE, expect it to function like the real thing, AND then send them more money when it doesn't work so you can have a more expensive FAKE. Then you're pissed when you get screwed.

Clueless aren't we? :grin

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